There are many myths about pests that have been spread so much over such a long period of time, people begin to take them to heart as factual information.

We are here to bring some of those common myths to the light!


#1 – Daddy long legs are the most venomous spider in the world.

Daddy long legs are actually not spiders. They also do not have venom glands or fangs, so they cannot be venomous.


#2 – Bed bugs only live indoors.
Bed bugs do like to stay inside, so that they can be close to a warm body to feed on.

However, they can survive outside, as long as the temperatures are above freezing and there is a food source for them to feed on.





#3 – Rodents are a sign of unsanitary conditions because they only feed on filth.

Rodents actually like clean environments and fresh food.

However, they will infest any place at any time if given the chance and the conditions are right for them to reproduce.




#4 – All ant species have one queen and one colony.

Depending on the species, there might be multiple queens at any given time.

Fire ants are one example of ants that may have multiple queens in their colony.



#5 – Cockroaches can live a long time without a head.

A cockroach can live for close to a week after losing its head, but it will die after that because they need their head to drink water, which is necessary for it to survive.

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