Bee Slow Motion Video

Controlling bee population While Bee Populations Are Decreasing Substantially When taking in to consideration to controlling bees, many factors must be taken into consideration: Are the bees in an area which can threaten human life? When bees are actively in an area which can threaten human life, removal of the hive is preferred, but if […]

Complete Pest Control

Complete home residential Pest Control

Not all #PestControl Services offer complete pest control. Most companies offer a simple treatment around your home @prodefensepestcontrol.  Therefore, the goal is to fully control the pests on your entire propert and not just hope they run into the product. For a much more effective pest treatment, contact us today! 210-901-9150

Borer Beetles Wood Destroying Insects

Borer Beetles

#SanAntonio has a variety of Wood Destroying Insects such as borer beetles. Therefore, mistaken for a variety of other things these pin sized holes are a sign. Also many are over looked and disregarded. This damage is created by a little bug called a Wood Borer Beetle. These #Beetles can cause a lot of damage […]

Uninvited Guests

Uninvited Guests

Everyone loves getting together during the summer. Make sure you don’t have any uninvited guests. And make sure they don’t invite their friends! Call us today for a free inspection and start protective treatments today! 210-901-9150 

Protect Your Home

Your home is your largest investment. Protect it! Our #Termite Protection Plan can ensure ongoing protection against Termite activity for today and tomorrow! Let us do a free evaluation and inspection for you. #prodefensepestcontrol #termites #termitecontrol #pestcontrol #sanantonio #bugs #protectyourinvestment #home  | 210.233.9452 |