Rodent Season Top Most Ratty Cities

Fall is the start of rodent season. As the weather gets colder, unwanted pests like rats and mice seek out food, water and shelter to survive the winter. According to the National Pest Management Association, more than 20 million rodents invade homes each year. Temperatures are still low, which means the rodents are still trying to […]

Preventative Mice and Rat Control

San Antonio is home to many different species of rodents. Some of them more invasive than others such as mice and rats. It is always important to be proactive when your home is in an area that is close to parks, greenbelts and other habitats of wild animals. Many rodents will call this area home until […]

San Antonio Rodent Control

San Antonio Rodent Control

As temperatures dip below freezing the past couple of days San Antonio rodent control is out of control! Mice, Rats, Raccoons, Opossums and other occasional invaders can cause great damage to your home. They  bulid their nest, gnawing on electrical wiring.  Therefore this may be because of portions of your roof becoming accessible to critters. […]