Bee Slow Motion Video

Controlling bee population While Bee Populations Are Decreasing Substantially When taking in to consideration to controlling bees, many factors must be taken into consideration: Are the bees in an area which can threaten human life? When bees are actively in an area which can threaten human life, removal of the hive is preferred, but if […]

Complete Pest Control

Complete home residential Pest Control

Not all #PestControl Services offer complete pest control. Most companies offer a simple treatment around your home @prodefensepestcontrol.  Therefore, the goal is to fully control the pests on your entire propert and not just hope they run into the product. For a much more effective pest treatment, contact us today! 210-901-9150

Controlling Termite Infestation

Termite Control san antonio

Controlling termite infestation can be a full time job. With all the rain we’ve had over the past week, #Termites are out in full force! #Protect your #Home against these Invaders by taking advantage of our Free #TermiteInspection Our highest #Goal is to protect your home and #family. Give us a call today and schedule […]

Bugs Try To Get In Everywhere

Praying Mantis Bugs

Sometimes bugs come in through the window. Sometimes bugs come in through the week holes. And SOMETIMES, they try to get in by opening the front door!!! Contact us by either calling  or texting us Today 210-901-915

Mosquito Misting System – Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Misting System

Here is what you want to do, check out our Mosquito Misting System. If ACTUALLY wanting mosquito control. These automated misting systems control OVER 90% of mosquito issues in your yard! Call us for a free estimate and get back to enjoying your yard! Contact us today! 210-901-9150 Learn More at #ProDefensePestControl #Mosquito #PestControl […]

Roaches German Flying


Roaches whether German or flying can be a scary and gross problem! Often, they get in and live in our homes for a long time before we even know they are there! Our products have long lasting residual effects for constant control even long after we leave. We treat baseboards and everything. With #ProDefensePestControl defending […]

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs

#BedBugs are always a scary thing to deal with. Our number 1 #goal is to bring peace of mind back to your #Family. We always offer free inspections and will make sure you understand exactly what we are finding and how the treatment process goes. If you have concerns about Bed Bugs, call us today […]

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ants can be elusive and very difficult to control… Many people think all #Ant species are alike. Not even close!! Especially if you treat them like other ants. Identification is the first step to proper control of ANY pest! One of the best odentifyi g markers of a carpenter ants are the large chewing […]

Uninvited Guests

Uninvited Guests

Everyone loves getting together during the summer. Make sure you don’t have any uninvited guests. And make sure they don’t invite their friends! Call us today for a free inspection and start protective treatments today! 210-901-9150 

A woman tries to kill bed bugs with alcohol – and sets a fire that leaves 10 without a home

By: Kristine Phillips, The Washington Post [trx_video url=”” ratio=”16:9″ autoplay=”off” top=”inherit” bottom=”inherit” left=”inherit” right=”inherit”]   “Three people were hospitalized and several others lost their home after a woman accidentally started a fire inside a multifamily building while trying to kill beg bugs with alcohol, authorities said. The fire broke out late Friday in Cincinnati’s Avondale neighborhood, […]