Bed Bugs From Rental Store Furniture !

Bed Bug Rental Store

Who would think that you could get bed bugs from rental store furniture? This poor woman was so excited to have her new couches from a rent to own place… They even threw in a set of bed bugs into the deal! They told her they were brand new, but they HAD been rented out. […]

Bed Bug Control – Pest Control DIY Solution

DonThe DIY “Solutions” for bed bug control are not as effective as many would like you to believe. #BedBugs can get out of control FAST! Don’t hesitate to call a #PestControl Professional. Do not let the problem persist! Call today for a free inspection and evaluation! Contact us at 210-901-9150 #ProDefensePestControl #SanAntonio #Bugs #BedBug

Bed Bug hides for as Long as Possible

Bed Bugs

People don’t realize a Bed Bug hides for as long as possible. “We’re only seeing them in this room” is a very common comment from people with Bed Bug. This picture is from a home that said “We only see them in this room” yeah… This was in a completely different room. As you can […]