Bee Slow Motion Video

Controlling bee population While Bee Populations Are Decreasing Substantially When taking in to consideration to controlling bees, many factors must be taken into consideration: Are the bees in an area which can threaten human life? When bees are actively in an area which can threaten human life, removal of the hive is preferred, but if […]

Rarely Seen Up Close Video of Termites in San Antonio

Termite Control san antonio

Live, Active Termites Not many people get this close of a view to active termites. This video, shot by one of our pest management professionals, shows the level of activity that can come from a seemingly inconspicuous location and just how many termites can pack closely in one small area. The Various Castes of Termites […]

Bed Bugs in San Antonio

Bed bug infestations have grown in exponential numbers in San Antonio. More and more, families are seeing them in their homes. Some of the most important things to take into consideration to ensure you don’t bring bed bugs home with you when you travel or visit friends and family are outlined below: Bed Bugs do […]