Rain & Bugs

You may notice that after a night of rain you start seeing more bugs around the inside and outside of your home. Here is the reason why, as well as some tips on how to keep your home bug free after a rainstorm has passed through: Why? When it rains, the holes and cracks in […]

Mosquito Misting System

All of the extra rain we have had here in #SanAntonio has made the #Mosquitoes go crazy!!! Get them under control fast with an automated #mosquito misting system from #ProDefensePestControlWith over 90% control of mosquitoes, you’ll be able to enjoy your yard the way you should!!Call for a free estimate!210.901.9150

Centipedes vs. Millipedes

There tends to be a lot of confusion when it comes to the differences and similarities of centipedes and millipedes. We’re here to explain the nature of centipedes and millipedes, as well as help you figure out what may be causing them to come into your home! Centipedes- are carnivores. Centipedes prey other bugs, including […]

Formosan Termites In San Antonio

#FormosanTermites are considered the worst possible termite. – Their colonies are massive. – They can have multiple reproductive females in a colony. – They can have “cartons” which are stand alone colonies within a structure if they have access to a moisture source. – They have an amazing knack for not breaking the surface of […]