Ant Control in San Antonio

ANTS! #Ants are everywhere in #Texas but controlling ants isnt quite as simple as you might think. Each species of #Ant requires a specific approach in order to properly and effectively control them.In #SanAntonio, we primarily deal with 5-6 species but many more live within San Antonio and without specialized training, they can seem nearly […]

Get Over 95% Mosquito Control

Automated Mosquito Misting System Get over 95% Mosquito Control with our automated mosquito misting system. Installed discreetly to encompass your yard offering constant mosquito control. Choose when your system runs to provide coverage during the most important times 210.901.9150

What Do Signs Of Bed Bugs Look Like

#BedBugs are becoming more and more of an issue in #SanAntonio. Most people will dismiss them because they have a numbing agent on their mouth parts. What does that mean? When they bite you… YOU DONT FEEL IT!! This post shows signs of activity which was dismissed by the customer, but once it was looked […]

Bed Bugs Can Hide Easily

#BedBugs have a numbing agent on their mouthparts making their bites undetectable. This is why populations of bed bugs can grow to really high sizes without being detected!!#pestcontrol #SanAntonio #ant #BedBugInspection #bedbugcontrol #bedbug #ProDefensePestControl #CommercialPestControlPlan #ResidentialPestControl #pestcontrolsanantonio

Signs of Bed Bugs In San Antonio, TX

Bed Bugs in #SanAntonio have become a major issue. The above image shows many ofthe main signs of things to identify when looking for #BedBugs – Live Bed Bug – Bed Bug Droppings (Stains on Fabric) – Bed Bug Eggs (Tiny Translucent Eggs) Keep an eye open for any of the signs and take action […]

Commercial Pest Management

Free Commercial Pest EvaluationWe are often asked if we do #CommercialPestControl because our #ResidentialPestControl customers enjoy our service so much. And the answer is… YES!!! We regularly help commercial property owners and managers save money and effort by setting up our #CommercialPestControlPlan uniquely tonthe needs of each property. We’ve never been more expensive than the […]

Bed Bug Inspection Discovery

During a bed bug inspection we can easily identify areas of concentration based on where their food source will be. Bed bugs will always stay close to their host. Focus on tight cracks and crevices where bed bugs like to hide when doing an inspection.

10 Myths About Bed Bugs

When it comes to bed bugs, there are many myths out there. Here are the top 10 myths you may hear about bed bugs, with facts to go along with them!     1. Myth: Bed bugs are a result of poor sanitation. Fact: No matter how clean or dirty your house is, you can […]

Friends Dont Give Friends Bed Bugs

#BedBugs are not fun! Take advantage of free inspections from @prodefensepestcontrol to ensure your home is #BedBug free before all your #Family comes for the holidays!!! Send them home with memories…. not bed bugs!! 210.901.9105 #FriendsDontGiveFriendsBedBugs #PestControl #SanAntonio #BedBugControl

Friday’s Fun Facts! #4 – Rat

Rat – Did You Know? 1. Rats have great memory! Once they learn a navigation route, they won’t forget it.   2. A rat can go longer than a camel without drinking any water. 3. Rats’ tails help them to balance, making them great climbers. Their tails also help them communicate and regulate their body […]