Why Termite Inspections Are So Important

#Termites can create superhighways within structures and the exterior will look completely ok. A thorough #TermiteInspection will often yield evidence that would normally go unnoticed and, therefore, left untreated and will allow the #Termite colony to thrive. Getting an annual Termite Inspection will ensure ongoing protection and early detection of Termite populations.Call Today for a […]

Eastern Subterranean Termite Swarmers in San Antonio

This sudden warm weather has allowed for some #Termites to swarm! If you’re finding little black winged bugs in your home, put some in a baggy and call a #PestProfessional to identify them and get the issue resolved as quickly as possible. #Termite swarmers indicate that the colony has gotten to a size that they […]

Mosquito Misting System San Antonio

#MosquitoMistingSystems offer as close to 100% control of #Mosquitoes as you can possibly get! These systems are designed in a way to blend with the area they are installed in making them as inconspicuous as possible. Your guests will notice the lack of mosquitoes but your guests wont notice the system or the lines running […]

Using Diatomaceous Earth For Bed Bug Control

Bed bugs are notorious for their ability to hide and continue to survive even after thorough treatment. Many people believe bedbugs are indestructible and once you have them, you’ll never be rid of them. Luckily, this is not true. However, the proper treatment must be done or it WILL feel like you’ll never get rid […]

What Do Termite Mud Tubes In San Antonio Look Like

#Termites in San Antonio are much more common than you might think. Recent studies have shown an average of 26 #Termite colonies per acre in the south!! These numbers are baffling and can really be a reminder to protect your #Investment. I #SanAntonio we primarily deal with one species. Yes, others are present but the […]

Crazy Ants San Antonio

#CrazyAnts can get out of control SUPER fast!!! If you notice these little guys running sporadically around your home, get them taken care of ASAP!!! They multiply ridiculously fast because they have multiple queens!!! #pestcontrol #SanAntonio #ant #antcontrol #pest #pestmanagement #propertymanagement #CommercialPropertyManagement #SanAntonio #AntControl #pest #ResidentialPestControl #CommercialPropertyManagement

How to properly use baits for Ant Control

Why Baiting Ants In The Right Way Is SO Important!! This video shows quickly how important it is to place baits properly for EVERYTHING. #Ants will take to baits really well but even if they are placed slightly off the pheromone path, the baits will not be nearly as effective. Placing even a small amount […]

Raspberry Crazy Ants in San Antonio, TX

#RaspberryCrazyAnt populations have been steadily growing in #SanAntonio. The species has multiple queens and is extremely difficult to get under control. They are aggressive foragers and take to baits extremely well but without a well thought out, planned and executed approach, they never quite seem to get under control. 210.901.9150 WWW.PRODEFENSEPESTCONTROL.COM #PestControl #ProDefensePestControl #PestControlSanAntonio #Ant […]