With the next few month leading into fall, you may start to see an increase in the amount of rodent activity. When the temperature drops, rodents try to get into your home for shelter.

Here are some tips to help keep these furry foes out of your home!

1. Block all entry points!

Make sure to keep all doors and windows, especially in your garage, closed. Also make sure to seal up any cracks and crevices you may have in your home. Installing weather stripping can help keep the rodents out, as well.

2. Don’t feed them!

Leaving seeds and grains out to feed birds may also attract rodents, as they feed on the same kinds of things. As well, make sure to store any dry foods you have in sealed, airtight containers. If you have any pets, this also applies to their food. Try not to leave any food out, as this may attract rodents to your home.

3. Keep clean!

Make sure to keep the floors and counters clean. Even the smallest crumbs or spills can attract rodents.

4. Keep yard maintained!

If you have any bushes or trees in your yard, you wan to make sure to keep them cut. As well, make sure to pick up and dispose of any plant debris you may have in your yard. Rake up leaves and trimmings. These all provide rodents with good hiding spots and may make it harder for you to spot them!

5. Keep garbage bins closed!

Keep all trash disposed of and sealed up. Make sure to keep your garbage bins closed, especially outside. Rodents are looking for food sources, so even your trash is not safe to keep out in the open!


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