When it comes to bed bugs, there are many myths out there.

Here are the top 10 myths you may hear about bed bugs, with facts to go along with them!



1. Myth:

Bed bugs are a result of poor sanitation.


No matter how clean or dirty your house is, you can still get bed bugs. Bed bugs can come from anywhere, and can thrive in almost any condition.



2. Myth:

Bed bugs only come out at night.


Bed bugs are nocturnal, however, they can still move around and feed at anytime of the day



3. Myth:

Bed bugs can carry and transmit diseases.


Although bed bugs do feed off of your blood, they cannot pass on diseases to you through this exchange.


4. Myth:

If you have bed bugs, you must throw away all of your furniture.


It is NOT a must for you to throw out any furniture if you discover you have bed bugs. With proper treatment, your belongings can be salvaged. As well, even if you do throw away everything, there is not guarantee that you will be rid of bed bugs, as they can hide in small cracks and crevices as well as behind paintings and in the carpet.


5. Myth:

Bed bugs are too small to see.


Bed bugs are fairly easy to see, with some being even larger than ants. They are very good hiders though, so you may have trouble finding them to begin with.



6. Myth:

Bed bugs can jump and/or fly.


Bed bugs do not jump and do not have wings to fly. People often mistake fleas or ticks for bed bugs, as they do jump.



7. Myth:

You can get rid of bed bugs by keeping the lights on.


Bed bugs do prefer dark environments, however, keeping the lights on will not keep them away.




8. Myth:

Bed bugs only live on and infest beds.


Although bed bugs do tend to live on beds, they can nest on anything that has an entry and exit point for them, including couches, chairs, behind paintings, in walls, carpets, and even clothes! 



9. Myth:

Bed bugs will only infest in one room or area of the house.


Bed bugs can spread rapidly. In severe infestations, they can spread to several rooms.



10. Myth:

You can always feel a bed bug biting you.


Most of the time, you cannot actually feel when a bed bug bites and feeds on you, because they inject a saliva that contains an anesthetic and an anti-clotting agent so your blood with flow more freely.