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Bed Bug Control

undderstanding bed bugsBed Bug Control is a growing issue in San Antonio, and we are ready to handle them! Whether the bed bug control issue is in your home, workplace, or apartment, we can get rid of them fast. We also offer preventative measures to control bed bug infestations before they even become a problem. If you have bed bug control concerns and want more information to help protect yourself as you travel, talk to your technician, or contact our office at your convenience.


Since the reintroduction of Bed Bugs back into America, many myths and theories have spread about them. We have performed over 1000 separate Bed Bug services and have learned the most important things about efficiently controlling them: Where they like to hide, How they spread, and How to treat them in a way that will get results FAST.




bed bug hiding spotsIn order to provide proper treatment, we know how important a thorough inspection is. We never charge for a Bed Bug Inspection. This is our opportunity to earn your business and make sure you are comfortable with us as your pest control provider. After a thorough bed bug inspection, we will provide you with an outline of what you can do to ensure the issue is resolved after treatment is performed.



bed bug identification Knowing where to look for Bed Bugs in order to find and treat them is one of the most difficult skills to learn. Each case of Bed Bugs is unique and requires great understanding in order to find them quickly and easily. Misidentification or inability to find them can result in a much larger Bed Bug problem in the future.




bed bug life cycle


safe productsOur number one priority is your safety and the safety of your family. The products we use during all of our services, as well as the rigorous training we go through, ensures we will be treating your home with the highest level of care and efficiency.





bed bug treatment Our Bed Bug Control Treatment consists of three distinct active ingredients to ensure Bed Bugs are eliminated quickly and effectively: 1. Initial Knockdown Product  2. Insect Growth Regulator  3. Long-Lasting Residual. By using the best Bed Bug Control products available, we are able to ensure you will be right back to get a good night’s sleep. 

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