Mosquito Misting System – Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control Misting System

Here is what you want to do, check out our Mosquito Misting System. If ACTUALLY wanting mosquito control. These automated misting systems control OVER 90% of mosquito issues in your yard! Call us for a free estimate and get back to enjoying your yard! Contact us today! 210-901-9150 Learn More at #ProDefensePestControl #Mosquito #PestControl […]

Bed Bug Control – Pest Control DIY Solution

DonThe DIY “Solutions” for bed bug control are not as effective as many would like you to believe. #BedBugs can get out of control FAST! Don’t hesitate to call a #PestControl Professional. Do not let the problem persist! Call today for a free inspection and evaluation! Contact us at 210-901-9150 #ProDefensePestControl #SanAntonio #Bugs #BedBug

Borer Beetles Wood Destroying Insects

Borer Beetles

#SanAntonio has a variety of Wood Destroying Insects such as borer beetles. Therefore, mistaken for a variety of other things these pin sized holes are a sign. Also many are over looked and disregarded. This damage is created by a little bug called a Wood Borer Beetle. These #Beetles can cause a lot of damage […]

Silverfish – What to do about them!


Silverfish can be extremely difficult to get under control! These little guys can be pretty sneaky!  By doing thorough inspection coupled with proper baiting and treatment we can get rid of them. We also offer complete warranties against pesky bugs like this and many more! Just like always, if you see bugs between services,  contact […]

8 Wonderful Years!

8 Wonderful Years Ago We Chose To Move To #SanAntonio And Start Our #PestControl Company. We’ve Been Greatly Blessed By The People Of #Texas And Our Company Has Never Seen A Negative Year. This Great #Blessing Is Due To The Wonderful Customers We Have Been Able To #Serve. #ThankYou To All Who Have #Helped Us […]

Fire Ants trying to control the mounds

Fire Ants

Fire Ants can be very difficult to control.  Additionally with all the rain we have had in #SanAntonio last week, everyone is seeing dirt mounds begin to pop up in their yards. These are #FireAnt Mounds. We offer a full yard treatment with EVERY service. Our goal is to ensure your #children can play in […]

Striped Knee Tarantula

You can meet our Striped Knee Tarantula at the San Antonio Home And Garden Show! Meet our newest office mate. We have a few other surprises for you too! #prodefensepestcontrol #spider #sanantonio #homeandgarden

Protect Your Home

Your home is your largest investment. Protect it! Our #Termite Protection Plan can ensure ongoing protection against Termite activity for today and tomorrow! Let us do a free evaluation and inspection for you. #prodefensepestcontrol #termites #termitecontrol #pestcontrol #sanantonio #bugs #protectyourinvestment #home  | 210.233.9452 |