You may notice that after a night of rain you start seeing more bugs around the inside and outside of your home.

Here is the reason why, as well as some tips on how to keep your home bug free after a rainstorm has passed through:


When it rains, the holes and cracks in the ground begin to fill up with water, forcing bugs to come to the surface.

This also cause the bugs to find new shelter until the ground dries up, leading them to come into your home.

Many of the bugs that will try to invade your home when it rains include, but are not limited to: spiders, millipedes, roaches, silverfish, scorpions, fleas, ticks, and ants.

Rainy Day, Bugs Away Tips:

Here are some helpful tips to prevent bugs from coming into your home after the rain:

  • Bushes and trees: Keep bushes and trees trimmed and, if possible, away from your home’s exterior. Bugs tend to find shelter here.
  • Trash: Take out your trash at least once a day. Some things in your garbage could attract bugs looking for a food source.
  • Spills: Clean up any spills as soon as it happens. Leaving spills could attract bugs.
  • Food: Rinse out cans and other items with food reminents before disposing of them.  As well, do not leave any pet food out, it may attract bugs even more.
  • Declutter: Make sure to keep rooms tidy, so that bugs don’t have anywhere to hide.
  • Secure your home: Close off any bug entry ways, including doorways, windows, and any other cracks and crevices. This will make it harder for the bugs who are desperate to use your home for shelter to get it.
  • Water: Get rid of any standing water on the inside and outside of your home.
  • Follow up with an expert: Interior and exterior pest control treatments by a professional technician can help ensure that you bug problems will be taken care of, even after a big rainstorm!


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