Many people worry about pests getting into there home, or just being near it. We understand and are here to help!

Here are some of the top 10 tips we have to help keep you home pest free!


1. Seal up!

Make sure any cracks and crevices in your home are sealed up!

Also, be sure to close off any gaps inbetween your doors and windows.

2. Sweep/Vaccuum

Sweeping and vaccuuming your home often can help get rid of any pests that have already entered your home, as well as any eggs they may have laid.

Sweeping or vaccuuming once a day keeps the bugs away!

3. Stay Dry

Pests tend to be attracted to standing water, as it is essential for their survival to stay hydrated.

Keeping your home rid of any standing water, inside and out, can help reduce the amount of bugs you may come into contact with!

4. Kitchens and Bathrooms

Bugs tend to prefer areas like kitchens and bathrooms because they have an easy source of water as well as food.

Keeping these areas extra clean can help keep them away.

5. Food

Always keep any food you are going to leave out or in your pantries/cabinets sealed up!

As well, put away food that you cannot seal up into your freezer or fridge, to keep bugs and other pests away.

6. Debri

Keep your outside free of any debri, including yard clippings and bush/tree clippings. These can act as hiding place sfor pests.

Also make sure to take out the trash as often as possible, and to keep it somewhere that pests will not have easy access to.

7. Keep Drains Cleared

Bugs tend to find drains comforting, because they can provide easy acces to both a food and water source.

Make sure to keep your drain cleared, and that they are no leaks or spaces for pests to find their way in!

8. Keep Yard Trimmed

Keeping your yard cut can also eliminate places for insects and other pests to hide.

Trim your front and back yard, as this will also help you be able to spot pests easier!

9. Clutter

Organization can be a key factor in your home to keeping pest away, as the may be able to hide easier in a cluttered home.

Declutter your house to keep pests from hiding around or inside your home!

10. Treatment, If Necesarry

In some cases, treatment may be the only solution.

It is helpful to identify what kind of pests you are having an issue with, where they are coming from and why.

This way, you can treat properly and get rid of the problem as soon as possible!

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